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The Hobby Amateur Radio

The Amateur Radio is a technical hobby, which deals with the wireless communication. Individuals who are pursuing this hobby called Amateur Radio Operator. A radio amateur gets from the appropriate telecommunications authority a worldwide distinctive call sign assigned. My call sign is DK1TUX.

Amateur radio is a very diverse hobby:

 • Focus on the actual radio link, the conversation with other radio amateurs around the world.
 • Interested in technology to build smaller or larger parts of the radio installation itself.
 • Top athletes take part in competitions of various kinds, eg Contests.

The functional compilation of radio, antenna and metrological accessories called Amateur Radio Station or in the amateur radio world 'Rig'. The space in which these devices are set up and operated, is referred to as Shack.

The two-way radiocommunication are confirmed with QSL Cards Especially popular are QSL cards from Ham Radio countries where there are very few or no radio amateurs, but also of rare or difficult to operating amateur radio stations such as the International Space Station or of prominent radio amateurs as Juan Carlos of Spain. The hunt for distant amateur radio stations is called DXing. The QSL cards are sent either via its own amateur radio association of amateur radio organizations in the country or sent directly to the address obtained from the Call Book.

A few nice QSL cards are available.


 • CW (Morse)
 • Phonie (Radio)
 • Digital Modes such Paket Radio, RTTY, PBSK, JT65, ...
 • EME (Earth-Moon-Earth)
 • Radio Relay
 • SSTV und ATV (Slow-Scan Television and Amateur Television)
 • SAT (Amateur Radio Satellite)

My career

In 1988 I acquired the Amateur Radio license with the call sign DG4NDB and was active on the FM bands in the radio mode and packet radio. Competitions and contests accompanied my activities. In the years 2000 to 2012, I paused the hobby. A fellow OM DL2JPN reactivated when visiting the dormant virus again - since I'm as DK1TUX mostly on the short wave, but also on the FM bands, again QRV. Thank you Sigi.

The DARC e.V.

The DARC e.V. is the largest association of German radio amateurs. Almost 40 000 members belong to our association and are supported by the volunteer work of many members and its own office in the exercise of their hobby. I have the local Branch Union B13 Roth/Schwabach connected me.

In 2013 we made a film about our hobby: B13 - The Movie (65 Min.).

My Activities (Logbook)

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